ElementS by VASKOHand made Talismans for you and your friends.

ElementS by VASKOHand made Talismans for you and your friends.


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Home Talisman, Office Talisman, Personal Talisman.

Home Talisman, Office Talisman, Personal Talisman.

ElementS by VASKO Home, Office, Personal Talisman - hand made creations

My Advices to you for better life here on Earth.

In order to be Healthy and Happy in this life you Must be in positive vibration. Start Now to rise your overall vibration. As soon as you start you Will sense the advantage.

There are several steps to do this:

- Use Personal Talisman, Home Talisman, Office Talisman.

- Mind your speech and words! Starts replacing word with negative meaning with words with positive meaning. For instance: “this is so ugly – this could be better looking” and so on.

-  Mind thoughts! Keep your thoughts Positive, clear negative thoughts!

-  Be thankful for everything and pray for what you need. There is not Bad or Good things in this life. There is always a lesson to be learn. Take this lesson, work it out, smile, Thank to the Divine and to the Creator for fulfilling your needs in time of need and keep going only that way.

- Learn to Meditate.

- Everything is a choice. Choose wisely for your health.

- Always trust your own intuition when deciding on your crystal.

- Always follow your inner voice and guidance.

- Crystals always reflect what is within you.

- Crystals are God creations and reminder that we are here on Earth plane to make love in our self, because Love is the answer to all.

- Transformation is a fundamental advantage of crystal energy and power. All about self growth.

- To love others you need to love yourself first and we are here to helps you achieve that.

- Having the crystal within your energetic fields as long as possible is the easiest way to start working with crystals, so my Home Talisman, Office Talisman and Personal Talisman are expected choice. But First You Must Start with crystals which will align and clean all of your chakras – general restart, align and cleanse. During this several months this crystal Must be cleansed with water or herbs, gratitude and pray. Cleanse your crystal once you purchase it and on a weekly basis and ask it to release your negative energy. Energize your crystals by placing them on a windowsill to recharge. You may use 3 days before and 3 days after a full moon week or sunny days or both. Once you start cleaning of your energy, thoughts and speech process and feel some results you may start to work for specific emotional problems or health problems. Some helpful crystals to start overall aligning and clearing of negative energy are: All of Kyanite stones and mainly the Black Kyanite, Pollucite, Ruby Kyanite, Tiger Jasper, Clear Quartz, Yellow calcite, Royal Sahara Jasper, Goethite, Black calcite, Seraphinite, Achroite, Pietersite, Amblygonite, White coral, Rutilated Amethyst, White Aventurine, Unakite, Magnetite, Zircon, Natrolite, Celestite, Daurite, Malachite, Opal, Garnet, Seraphinite aka Clinochlore, Wulfenite, Phenacite, Pink fluorite, Axinite, White coral, Watermelon tourmaline. Cleanse and program your crystal regularly. For specific Chakra requirements, check all Chakra pages.





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